Saturday, October 2, 2010

I love you

Dear _________,

Even though I don't know you, I love you. We might have different eye color, hair color, or skin color. You might like your eggs friend, while I like mine scrambled. You might stand at 6'1'' or 5'1'', when I'm 5'5''. You might wake up in the morning and feed the chickens, then wait for the bus to pick you up from your home to take you to your small school; while I wake up in the morning, rush out of my apartment to catch the train, and feel the stares of people who are judging me even though they have no idea who I am. Despite all of these differences, and despite the fact that I have no idea who you are--I love you. I love you because I know your struggle, I know your pain, I know exactly how hard it can be just to be.

My mama and dad always told me that, "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you," and as more time goes by, the more I realize that this is simply not true. Words can hurt so much more than a stick or a stone. Words can scratch, beat, and kick at the very fabric of one's identity--and it is here where we find ourselves now. Words may be the "sticks and stones", but it is ignorance that is the true culprit. It is ignorance that drives people, young and old, to do and say things to and about people that cause irreconcilable damage.

It is because of these words and actions powered by ignorance that we find our country reeling from the devastation felt by so many families and friends, reeling because of the recent LGBTQ youth who were harassed, bullied, and ridiculed--to death. I am sad because it, as it always does, took human lives for people to take notice. I am sad because those we have lost in this particular struggle may not ever be aware of the impact they've had on my life, on countless lives. I am sad because I know we are nowhere close to the end of this fight...but I have more hope than I've ever had in my life. I have hope because I feel a change in the wind, and because I know that even though it's not always great, it gets better.

I write this for Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Raymond Chase, Billy Lucas, Justin Aaberg, Tyler Clementi, and countless others before them.

I write this for you, and I write this for me.

Justin Aaberg
Billy Lucas
Raymond Chase

Seth Walsh
Asher Brown

Tyler Clementi

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gays advocate safety!

I think I'm on a slight pride kick. Know why? I mean, if there was ever a time to be gayer than you ever were before...or to really push those little gay limits, pride is the time. While San Francisco's pride is one of the more well-known gay celebrations in the country, other cities like to boast their sassy gay/gay-friendly populations too. Maybe because it's just across the Bay from SF, or maybe because it's just so damn hyphy...but, for some reason Oakland Pride '10 was really poppin' this year.

In the above picture submission we see some safety-patrol man gays. Sigh. I love a good safety-conscious gay. Especially those with sassy shorts.

And just like today's submitter says, "Nothing says safety like a pair of hot pants. No, but for real folks. Safety is key for queers and non-queers alike. Safe sex, safe spaces, safety to be yourself. Bring on the openess. Bring on the visibility. And for god's sake bring on the hot pants!"

Submitted by: Kendall T.P. (Oakland, CA)
Uh. I should hire this lady to

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gays kissing gays

If you are not American and you are not gay, then you probably know San Francisco. If you are American and you are gay/gay-friendly, then you definitely know San Francisco. Now I'm not talkin' I wanna-go-walk-up-and-take-pictures-of-the-wiggly-part-of-Lombard-Street" San Francisco--no, no I'm talkin' I-wanna-go-walk-through-the-Castro-and-then-sit-in-Dolores-Park-and-scope-the-queer-honeys" San Francisco.

At the end of June, every year, San Francisco becomes the place to be if "you're here and you're queer." Any one who watches gays knows that San Francisco Pride is like the gay watching Olympics. (In which I have a gold medal--thank you.)

The above is a delicious picture of three lovely lady gays at SF Pride doin' their thing. Now here's my question: If you're a lady gay, which lady would you like a smooch from?

Submitted by: Mollie R. (Santa Cruz/SF)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gays on a train

Recently I was out and about in New York City on a Friday night, and of course I didn't start heading home until around 4:30am. It's always so interesting being on the train at odd hours in the morning because you never know just who you'll run into. Of course, on the dear 1 train, who happened to be riding in the same subway car as me but some man gays--heading home after a night of dancing!

Dear Romero, You were so kind to give me some suggestions as to lady gay bars and clubs on the West Side that I should visit . All the while, letting your "sister" take a little nap in your lap and sipping your refreshing drink from McDonald's.

So friendly. So kind. And ohhh sooo gay.

Submitted by: Za-Net (NYC)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

City gays coolin' down

So. It's the summertime--meaning gays around the country are heating up. Some places are hotter than others, but NYC is hotter than most. NYC boasts one of the largest gay populations on the east coast. So what do these gays do to keep cool during those summer months? What any person might do to cool delicious ice cream!

In this photo, we see some beautiful man gays takin' a lick out of life (especially the one on the left ;-)). Those lucky bastards. Not only do they seem to be enjoying that ice cream, they live in the big, hot gayyyyy city.

Sigh. To be a gay in the big city...jealous?

Submitted by: Jenny MC (NYC)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Little Gay takes a stand!

This is a very special second submission! Now usually, I'd post human gays observing human gays, but I'm always down for interpretive situations that favor gays.

SB1070: I'm sure most of you are aware of Arizona's fucked up SB 1070 situation wherein police could detain a person they "reasonably suspect" to be in this country without having the proper documents. Aahh yes, just another way to legalize racial profiling.
Ladybug: Apparently "a version of the word for lady bug is used to call guys fags." Hmm, you learn something new everyday.
Well, look at this little "Gay-dyBug" taking it's stand against SB 1070. Amen, girl! You tell 'em honey chile!

(Don't see the "gay-dybug"?...look closer!)

Submitted by: Laurie I. (Oakland, CA)

Friday, August 27, 2010

First Submission!

Ahhhh our first submission at gays watching gays! This photo comes from what can be called the gay capital of the West Coast--San Francisco.'ve heard of it? Of course you have, you gay.

This picture takes place in the lovely and gay friendly Dolores Park. Aaahhh the Castro/Mission, so wonderful this time of year.

Looking at this pictures makes me wonder who these gays are...where these gays come from...oh the questions.

Photo credit: Brianna S. (Oakland/SF, CA)