Tuesday, August 31, 2010

City gays coolin' down

So. It's the summertime--meaning gays around the country are heating up. Some places are hotter than others, but NYC is hotter than most. NYC boasts one of the largest gay populations on the east coast. So what do these gays do to keep cool during those summer months? What any person might do to cool down...eat delicious ice cream!

In this photo, we see some beautiful man gays takin' a lick out of life (especially the one on the left ;-)). Those lucky bastards. Not only do they seem to be enjoying that ice cream, they live in the big, hot gayyyyy city.

Sigh. To be a gay in the big city...jealous?

Submitted by: Jenny MC (NYC)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Little Gay takes a stand!

This is a very special second submission! Now usually, I'd post human gays observing human gays, but I'm always down for interpretive situations that favor gays.

SB1070: I'm sure most of you are aware of Arizona's fucked up SB 1070 situation wherein police could detain a person they "reasonably suspect" to be in this country without having the proper documents. Aahh yes, just another way to legalize racial profiling.
Ladybug: Apparently "a version of the word for lady bug is used to call guys fags." Hmm, you learn something new everyday.
Well, look at this little "Gay-dyBug" taking it's stand against SB 1070. Amen, girl! You tell 'em honey chile!

(Don't see the "gay-dybug"?...look closer!)

Submitted by: Laurie I. (Oakland, CA)

Friday, August 27, 2010

First Submission!

Ahhhh our first submission at gays watching gays! This photo comes from what can be called the gay capital of the West Coast--San Francisco. Oh...you've heard of it? Of course you have, you gay.

This picture takes place in the lovely and gay friendly Dolores Park. Aaahhh the Castro/Mission, so wonderful this time of year.

Looking at this pictures makes me wonder who these gays are...where these gays come from...oh the questions.

Photo credit: Brianna S. (Oakland/SF, CA)

Lez start with an introduction...

Are you a gay? Have you noticed a certain visual acknowledgment from other gays that you and your gay posse pass on the street?

This I like to call "gays watching gays".

It's not a new phenomenon, it is simply one that has now been named. Calling for submissions, because seriously folks, I want everyone to know all about gays watching gays. Any and all submission can be e-mailed to gayswatchinggays@gmail.com. Try to include a description of the circumstances surrounding the sighting and a picture, obviously.

P.S. I also like "queers watching queers". So send in those photos too.