Saturday, August 28, 2010

Little Gay takes a stand!

This is a very special second submission! Now usually, I'd post human gays observing human gays, but I'm always down for interpretive situations that favor gays.

SB1070: I'm sure most of you are aware of Arizona's fucked up SB 1070 situation wherein police could detain a person they "reasonably suspect" to be in this country without having the proper documents. Aahh yes, just another way to legalize racial profiling.
Ladybug: Apparently "a version of the word for lady bug is used to call guys fags." Hmm, you learn something new everyday.
Well, look at this little "Gay-dyBug" taking it's stand against SB 1070. Amen, girl! You tell 'em honey chile!

(Don't see the "gay-dybug"?...look closer!)

Submitted by: Laurie I. (Oakland, CA)

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