Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gays kissing gays

If you are not American and you are not gay, then you probably know San Francisco. If you are American and you are gay/gay-friendly, then you definitely know San Francisco. Now I'm not talkin' I wanna-go-walk-up-and-take-pictures-of-the-wiggly-part-of-Lombard-Street" San Francisco--no, no I'm talkin' I-wanna-go-walk-through-the-Castro-and-then-sit-in-Dolores-Park-and-scope-the-queer-honeys" San Francisco.

At the end of June, every year, San Francisco becomes the place to be if "you're here and you're queer." Any one who watches gays knows that San Francisco Pride is like the gay watching Olympics. (In which I have a gold medal--thank you.)

The above is a delicious picture of three lovely lady gays at SF Pride doin' their thing. Now here's my question: If you're a lady gay, which lady would you like a smooch from?

Submitted by: Mollie R. (Santa Cruz/SF)

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